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Docker use 100% cpu in Mac OS Big Sur

Docker is running 100% cpu without any usage from running host. after updating setting of Full Disk Access, Docker is running correctly

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GNS3 to simulate Switch

GNS3 didn’t support Switch, it only supports Router, however, we could use router’s slot with NM-16ESW. there are some commands different with real switch, however it is enough to do simulate with Multiple Layer Switch (CCNP3) Lab.

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cisco router – ‘show’ command in IOS

show show run with filter text R1# show run | begin line vty show ip interface show ip interface brief show protocol show protocol show controllers show controllers serial 0/0/1 show version show version config interface config interface ip/speed/clock rate/duplex … Continue reading

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GNS – RIPv2 in router image using dynamips

I import Cisco 7200 and Cisco 3650 image into GNS to do this lab network schema R1, R2 R2, R3 R2, R3 PC1, R1 PC2, R2 PC3, R3 R1#conf t R1(config)#interface Ethernet 2/1 R1(config-if)#ip … Continue reading

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Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3 – ifconfig to share vmware network and internet sharing

$ sudo ifconfig bridge100 netmask $ sudo ifconfig bridge100 addm en0 addm en1

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Packet Tracer – RIP v2 simple lab

Here is topology map, Two PC – PC0 and PC1 ip scheme PC0 : PC1 : Router 0: GigabitEthenet 0/0: S0/0/0: Router 1: GigabitEthenet 0/0: S0/0/0: Here is example of config interface 1 2 … Continue reading

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wifi unstable on windows 10

one of way is to change power manage.   go to device manager( search control panel ), right click on wifi and go to “power management” and untick “Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power”  

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portabledeviceapi.dll error – problem of Windows 10 upgrading to windows 8

after upgrading from windows 8.1 to windows 10, sometime, system will pop up windows dialog and said “There was a problem staring portabledeviceapi.dll”. The solution is: Open “Task Scheduler”, under ‘Task Scheduler Library’ having WPD. Delete SqmUpload….

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Enable Windows 10 / 2016 long path

As we know, MAX_PATH is always 260 chars in windows. In windows 10, we could enable in gpedit.msc. The path is: Local Group Policy – Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – System – FileSystem don’t go to “NTFS” folder, originally, … Continue reading

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disable CompatTelTunner.exe

After Install Windows 10 Annual updated package. one progress named  CompatTelTunner.exe takes 100% disk usage. Therefore, it has to been disabled to release some resource. You can disable the scheduled tasks that starts CompatTelTunner.exe by looking in the Task Scheduler. … Continue reading

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