Show More Items on Jump Lists on Task bar

if you right click on icons on jump list, it will show you history item. you could pin some of items for normal use.

to increase ‘recent item’ on task bar, right click on ‘Task bar’ and select ‘Property’. in pop up diagram, increasing item number such as ’20’ to increase number of recent item.


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Max Memory Support in Mother Board

you may just wonder how big memory your motherboard support.

Here is one of way to test it.

open “cmd”

run command “wmic memphysical get maxcapacity”

My computer will display 33554432

33554432/(1024*1024) = 32GB

therefore, 32GB is max memory motherboard support.

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Configure Ftp server on Windows Server 2012

Configure ftp server is very simple task on previous windows version.

However, In Windows Server 2012, there are some tricky problem when configuring ftp server.

Here is to configure ftp server passive data port.

windows 2012-ftp3

you have to choose “Application Pools”

windows 2012-ftp

then later on add Firewall inbound rule to allow all ports you open.

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